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AND NOW EAST Poster Festival, first edition – A project by Local Design Circle & Poster Jam.

De Difuzor GF| 21 Septembrie, 2021 | Categorie: graphic design | Vizualizări: 518

When? 17 - 26th of September in Bucharest Romania
Where? Point - 10 Eremia Grigorescu


The WHY?
Not so long ago, we had two Europes separated by History into West and East. West was fresh, colourful and smart, East was cold, grey and Utopia. And we are all aware of the stereotypes, but something still lives as a legend. Now borders are off, the Internet is on, we have ponies and rainbows, and we are repeatedly asking ourselves if our grass is as green as on the other side. Or maybe greener? AndNowEast looks right of the imaginary fault line and asks: is there an Eastern European visual genius loci? From Intaglio to Indigo to Instagram, the poster has continuously adapted to answer our communication needs. The placard is a versatile vehicle, a mirror of our social and cultural environment, and a summary of our material and immaterial appetites. In short: a coloured radiograph of civilisation. AndNowEast is a local initiative with a regional reach and a global mindset.


17.09 – from 7PM
18 & 19.09 – 11AM - 11PM
20 & 21.09 – CLOSED
22.09 – 6PM - 11PM
23 - 26.09 – 11AM - 11PM
2021 selection here. All the posters selected will be showcased during the festival.


► LIVE TALK 23.09.2021 here 
► 3 days Intensive ONLINE WORSHOP with Marta Gawin (born in 1985, Poland), a multidisciplinary graphic designer specialized in visual identity, communication, poster, exhibition, sign systems, book and editorial design. The 9osters from the 3-day WORKSHOP with Marta Gawin will be showcased at the first edition of And Now East Poster Festival, from the 17th of September until 26th at Point in Bucharest, Romania.
This graphic design workshop was created with the support of The Polish Institute in Bucharest.
► POP-up SHOP Room21. Room21 is about optimism and choices, it is the local store of curated goods, highlighting local products, as well as the designers, studios, small factories or craftsmen who make them possible. You will be able to shop: Atelier Fabrik, Bold Branding Studio, Bianca Dumitrașcu, Ana Bănică, Emilian Pospaii, Editura Univers, Editura Arthur, P+4 Publications, Minitremu, Editura Frontiera, Supersomething, Palpabil, Asociația Illustrat, Noriel, Room21, Roșian Express, Deplin, Studio Mud, Namastay, Sandra Berghianu, Una ca Luna, Unique Moods.

► Partners & supporters AND NOW EAST FIRST EDITION
Supported by: Point, Institutul Polonez, Antalis
Partners: Kodex, Fabrik, fabricate.ro, room21
Media partners: Carturesti, IQads, Smark, Zeppelin, The Institute, Black Rhino Radio, DoR, Zile si Nopti, Progagarta
Mobility partner: Flow
Strategic partners: Beans&Dots, Miss Ale, Artichoke, Steam Coffee Shop, Tartilicious, Black Habit Coffee, Ototo Store, Vice Cream
A project by Local Design Circle & Poster Jam.


We are here to help in case the Info section did not answer your questions. hello@localdesigncircle.com.
Also, we are happy to welcome volunteers and partners, so send us an e-mail on grosu@localdesigncircle.com if you feel like we can work together.


► AND NOW EAST is a poster festival initiated by Local Design Circle.

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Difuzor GF
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