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The World After – The latest project by PosterTerritory.

De Difuzor GF| 13 Iunie, 2021 | Categorie: afiș | Vizualizări: 926

Poster above: Poland – Pregowski Nikodem

The World After is the latest project by PosterTerritory, where graphic artists from all over the globe imagine what the world will be like after the COVID pandemic. 
The global pandemic of 2020 is a devastating health crisis that continues to plague our species. Faced with this terrible curse that is unlike anything else humanity had experienced in over a hundred years, the world changed practically overnight.

The aftershocks of this dramatic transformation are still being felt and we do not know what the world will be like after COVID, but there is no doubt that it will not be the same as the one we remember.

This is why we launched The World After poster call, asking graphic artists from around the globe how they envision the world to be after COVID – will things go back to normal or are these transformations here to stay. (Olga Severina)

About organizers

PosterTerritory is a multimedia platform that organizes poster campaigns in cities around the world. Founded by an exhibition curator and graphic artist Olga Severina, PosterTerritory launches international poster exhibits that tackle a variety of social, political, and environmental issues faced by humanity on a daily basis.
DMJ Studio
is a creative space in Detroit, Michigan, founded by artist, designer, and project manager, Donna Jackson. It is where she creates things that matter to her as a woman, a person of color, an urban dweller, and a global citizen. Using the power of art, DMJStudio’s team tells stories about these different communities and social groups in a visually impactful way with simple goals; to make art more accessible and to make stories of those unknown and marginalized seen and understood. Projects include public art developments, documentaries, online platforms, social media campaigns, art exhibitions, and international design exhibitions such as The World After. DMJStudio knows the power of art and design and continues to use it to
change the world for the better.

We would like to thank everyone for your participation in The World After Poster (TWA) Competition. It was a great honor to look through all of the designs and see your vision of our world in COVID and beyond. Congratulations to our TWA finalists. Here is the official list of finalists:
Text © 2021 Olga Severina 
and Donna Jackson
Special thanks

Alice Goldsmith, Anastassia Zukova, Claudia Cordes, Dawn Carlson, Erick Ginard, Gloria Raney, Maria Gerasimchuk-Djordjevic, Yuliana Alimova, Yuliya Sigalova

Past exhibition

The World After as a part of FROM CHERNOBYL TO COVID Exhibition

Fotos from Brick City Gallery, at Springfield, Missouri

France – Volpe Natalia/  Ecuador – Felipe Jácome López

Indonesia – Noordyanto Naufan/ China – Tianqi Zhang

Iran – Khaleghiyazdi Maryam/ Russia – Kovalenko Victor


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