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Europe on posters by Ovidiu Hrin on The House of European History (video)

De Difuzor GF| 13 Iunie, 2022 | Categorie: graphic design | Vizualizări: 636

The House of European History invites you join the second episode of their latest online lecture series “Europe on posters”. The series was launched in line with the opening of the newest exhibition ‘When Walls Talk!’ and features experts who discuss the role of posters over the past 100 years of European history, how they have shaped ideas about art, and their role in the evolution of the public sphere. In the second episode, ‘’The Cultural Poster in Europe - a Historical Assessment’’ join Graphic Designer and Art Director, Ovidiu Hrin as he explores how the poster has evolved continuously over the past century, to reflect the ever changing needs of society. Hrin will use selection of posters from the ‘When Walls Talk!’ exhibition as a starting point of the lecture, and will then look at some of the key stages and nuances in the European poster evolution. Viewing the poster as a mirror of cultural and social movements, the lecture will also touch upon the ability of the widely popular visual communication medium to convey complex themes in different historical eras. The lecture will finish with a Q&A between Hrin and the audience.

Ovidiu Hrin is an awarded multidisciplinary graphic designer & art director working in Timisoara (Romania) and internationally. He has a vast experience in designing complex communication and information systems, for both cultural and corporate clients. His work has been exhibited and published by prestigious international institutions. He runs Synopsismedia, a versatile design studio he founded in 2001, and holds graphic design and communication lectures and workshops throughout the world. Introduction by Perikles Christodoulou, Curator at the House of European History Moderated by George Stylianou, former journalist and currently the House of European History’s PR, Outreach and Institutional Officer.


Ovidiu Hrin The House of European History

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