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Iron Curtain Graphics. Eastern European Design Created without Computers
Atelierul de grafică has the pleasure of inviting you Friday, 1st May, 7 pm at Café Verona - Carturesti, to the launch of the Iron Curtain Graphics. Eastern European Design Created Without Computers by Carla Duschka and Ciprian Isac and published by Gestalten Berlin.
The launch will be accompanied by the authors, the writers Angelo Mitchievici & Caterina Preda and the contributor Mihai Tudoroiu.

The Album is the result of a collaboration between the German publisher Gestalten and Atelierul de Grafică. It developed out of the first two Graphics Without Computers books.

What it is?
It is a special, unique album containing much previously unpublished material. In contrast to the Romanian books, Gestalten’s preference was for a larger page format and a focus on the images, with Atelierul de grafică choosing a different chapter structure. The resulting book highlights a paradoxical aspect of communication behind the Iron Curtain: constrained by strict rules and censorship, and without the technical advantages of today, the professional or “designated” graphic designers of the day took refuge in an array of highly ingenious compositional and chromatic solutions.
- Propaganda
- Labour Safety
- Culture & entertainment
- Education & Science
Pages/ 208
Size/ 24 x 28cm
Paper/ G-Print 150 g FSC
Cover/ flexicover
Typefaces/ Anivers, Mechanics Gothic
The team
Publishing house/ Gestalten
Edited by/
Atelierul de Grafică / Carla Duschka, Ciprian Isac
Graphic concept/ Carla Duschka, Ciprian Isac
Cover by/ Matthias Hübner, Gestalten
Texts/ Angelo Mitchievici, Caterina Preda
Text editing/ Carla Duschka, Anna Ciepiela
Photos/ Simona Sterca, ioana Lupaș, Șerban Bonciocat, George Turliu, Mihai Tudoroiu, Ciprian Isac
Foto editing/ Atelierul de Grafică, Irina Colan, Ana-Maria Pascal, Cristan Garcia, Șerban Bonciocat
Text editing/ Carla Duschka, Anna Ciepiela
Typefaces/ Anivers, Mechanics Gothic
You can order the book on Gestalten website
It is available at Cărturești and Anthony Frost.

More about this book here




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