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The GF Pack

The Pack, made of die cut paperboard, contains all the 3 GF volumes: Graphics without computers. Printed Matter, Graphics without computers. Letters: Hand-Drawn, Embossed, Volumetric and Graphics without computers. Trademarks, Acronyms, Logos.
The books containing mainly illustrations and photos represent a selection with the best pieces collected within a research about Romanian communist utilitarian graphics.
The second volume of the series – Letters. Hand-Drawn, Embossed, Volumetric was distinguished in 2012 as Best Illustrated Book at Gala Bun de Tipar [Romanian Book Industry Gala]
Editors and authors
All volumes are edited and published by Atelierul de grafică Bucharest between 2010 and 2013. Ciprian Isac and Carla Duschka of Atelierul de grafică are the editors and graphic designers of the books. Each volume contains a note of the publisher as well as short essays signed by Viviana Iacob, Călin Torsan – freelance writer, Caterina Preda – lecturer, Rudolf Gräf – architect, lecturer, Ioana Gruenwald – partner of Headsome Communication and former head of the German Book Center Bucharest, Șerban Alexandrescu – founder of Headvertising Bucharest, teacher at the ADC school, Silviu Dancu – freelance writer, blog author, Mihai Tudoroiu – marketing and communication specialist, researcher of the communist era.
The pack measures 25 x 17,5 x 6 cm. The 3 volumes match perfectly.
1600g total weight.
Price and distribution
The GF Pack costs 170 lei, that is 5% less than each volume purchased separately. And  as a further advantage, shipping taxes are on us! (available only for delivery in Romania)

You can order the book by sending an e-mail to Payment methods: cash on delivery by courier, or bank transfer.
Shipping possible only in Romania.
Alternatively you can find the pack in Jumatatea Plina and Kyralina bookshops in Bucharest.




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