15.04.2013 atelierul de grafică

The photographer Dragoș Lumpan began working on his transhumance project more than 6 years ago – and he’s still at it today. To put it as briefly as possible, he spends his time wandering around with a load of sheep and shepherds, just trying to figure out what’s going on. What a great way to spend your time!

The upshot of this travels was the creation of an album, which Dragoș chose to make with us. And weren’t we pleased! It wasn’t an easy assignment or a smooth [...]






29.10.2012 atelierul de grafică

After nearly 10 years, the best designed books from Romania can be seen again at the biggest book fairs.
Technically speaking, in the absence of competition on the national market, we couldn't have been part of the contest exhibit of the Best Book Design from all over the World, in Germany. The last time we could take part in such a competition was around 2003-2004, when AER, the association of Romanian publishers, was granting awards for beautiful books. At that time, we entered this [...]


08.11.2011 atelierul de grafică

...The 20th century began as a time of vocal manifestos. Expres­sing an original solution to the crisis of the modern world was mandatory for any artistic group pining for attention. After Hector Guimard had created the now legendary image of the Paris Métro, in which the letters, structure and ornamentation were part of the same linear concept, freed from the constraints of Academic form, and Peter Behrens had defined the identity of AEG through a stylistic unification of architecture, [...]


04.11.2011 atelierul de grafică

After the ordeal of making a book, the day when the book is ready for printing has its good sides. It keeps you waiting, it arrives unannounced, you have to fight for it a bit, and when it calls you, you obey without a murmur. Once you're inside the printing hall, you find yourself bathed in the smell of ink and fresh paper, and the rhythmic sound of the machines and you tend to forget that you haven't slept in a long time or that you haven't had the chance to sit down and have something [...]


01.11.2011 atelierul de grafică

By looking at the images collected in this book I am able to “rewind the film”, letter by letter. Back in those times the message was direct and unequivocal. You were told to do this or that. Nothing was ever only a suggestion. And just as our parents were urged to stuff us with sweets, so the workers in the factories and on the buil­ding sites were given instructions, directions or warnings in a language that was authoritative yet highly accessible by its “target groups”. There [...]


16.02.2011 atelierul de grafică

Article that appeared in Igloo magazine (February 2011 number).

My attention was drawn to a saying by Dimitrie Cantemir: Indeed the science of hearing is good, but the temptation to see is greater. It appears in his Istorie Ieroglifică ("A Hieroglyphic History"). It's an idea that's just as relevant today; one which, half a millennium later, can be used to describe our much trumpeted modern society, a society that scowls at divinity, either through the cold and fixed eye of the television [...]