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02.07.2015 atelierul de grafică

This summer, Café Verona becomes an meeting space for moviegoers. Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday you can watch here movies from a list proposed by Carturesti & ProVideo.

Admission is free. Views are made through the support of LG, on a large LED Ultra HD, and not a screen projections. Visibility is limited to a maximum of 40 people. For reservations, visit platform






04.06.2015 atelierul de grafică

The first Saturday of this summer comes full of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish movies - a rare opportunity to enjoy the Scandinavian cinema at Carol Factory, but also to celebrate the national day of one of the invited friends, Sweden: on June 6th, just after sunset, the lights of the northern cinema
arrive in southern Bucharest, in the former factory next to Carol Park, continuing our program of activating the old site.

We will start with a collection of short films of all [...]

25.02.2015 alina musatoiu

Elastic limits that stretch out more and more as they look for perfection, tears, sweat, blood, humiliation and sacrifice, gnashing teeth and slaps on the face. Whips over the cheeks and in the heart. "Whiplash"!

For a fanatic jazzman, the absolute can be found in anything, as long as it's connected to his music. In the golden dust that bounces off his drum in the rhythm of his playing. In the blood that springs from his palms as from a rusty Jesus when he is rehearsing his drum-set like [...]

07.02.2015 alina musatoiu

Ender's Game focuses on the practical details of Ender's evolution. Of tactical genius and remarkable intelligence, he is forced to become a commander of the army of Humans against an extraterestrial species that attacked the Earth fifty years ago. The film thrives with special effects, spaceships, laser gun battles and spectacular explosions. Unfortunately, its high points end here, as the screenplay fails to explore Ender's depth and his capacity for empathy - maybe one of the most [...]


28.11.2014 alina musatoiu

"The Hundred-Year-Old-Man Who Jumped Out the Window and Dissapeared" has something not so typical to Swedish culture: chaos and humor. Even if the humour is dry and sometimes halucinating, the movies does make you laugh warmly, in a burst, which, trust me, is no small thing for Scandinavia. It thrilled the North (and not only), a fact reflected in its income: the movie has become the best Swedish earning production of all time.

Trailer here

English version Alice Stoicescu

08.02.2014 alina musatoiu

August: Osage County tells the dark story of suffering and secrets of Violet (brilliantly portrayed by Meryl Streep) and her three daughters, Barbara (Julia Roberts), Ivy (Julianne Nicholson) and Karen (Juliette Lewis). Violet is a spiteful elderly woman with a lifetime’s experience of venting her spleen upon her own family. All the verbal poison she spews eventually comes back to haunt this woman, who, now in her old age, contracts mouth cancer as if it were the result of all her bad [...]