11.07.2015 carla duschka
Without a doubt, The National Theatre of Bucharest [TNB] looks better the way it is now, all cleaned up and brought back to its original form. It has now become a building with a strong personality. On the outside, at least. We have not yet seen the inside.

BUT what are we going to do about the lettering that signals the entrances to the various auditoriums and spaces?! How is it possible that, in 2015, we still apply such crude, stumpy, disproportionately large shapes to label theatre auditoriums? The words are badly spaced, in complete disharmony with the ensemble and coloured an unfortunate (and obsessive!) golden shade. And the use of diacritics is out of the question, once again. 

Considering the huge amounts of money invested in this project, and considering the ambitious goal of creating a theatre building that’s hard to rival as far as the number of auditoriums goes, has no one thought that the lettering should also look at least as good, if not elegant? 

Gentlemen, please take that lettering down if you want us to have a truly European or contemporary cultural space, or whatever you want us to call it!...

PS: We even have a favourite – the letter A! Or perhaps you have a different favourite?

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carla duschkaattended the graphic arts department at the University of Arts Bucharest and studied book design at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. She works as a graphic designer at Atelierul de grafica Bucharest and is assistant lecturer at theUniversity of Arts. CD is co-founder of the GF project.
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sorin gociu

13.10.2015 la 17:16

sa nu ne mire daca in urma unei cascade investigationale, detectiviste, am afla ca autorii (morali chiar) acestor litere sunt aceeasi ca cei ai literelor de la intrarile in pasajele din Bucuresti. in haosul instaurat dupa revolutie avem si noi ceva standardizat: kitsch-ul...


GF team

14.10.2015 la 00:08

- reply to sorin gociu -

Adevarat. Mai bine să nu investigăm, că cine știe peste ce mai dăm...putred totul.
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