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Hotel Discret is a major retrospective devoted to product packaging and graphic design produced in Romania between 1950 and 1990.

Our idea was to create a homogenous exhibition of urban signs, volumetric letters and food product packaging designed and produced in Romania during the second half of the 20th century. 
Unfortunately, all of these objects have since slowly and discreetly disappeared from public space. The project was inspired by the idea of the social transformations and changes that have occurred on an urban level and that have spawned and still feature strongly in the throw-away society we live in today. Unlike in the West, and despite their historical value, in Romania there is almost no tradition of salvaging, reconditioning and reintroducing these kinds of objects into more commercial settings. For the first edition of Romanian Design Week we plan to exhibit an impressive array of products that will capture the public’s attention through their design, playfulness and minimalist and geometric style, which makes them appear surprisingly contemporary. (Eclectico Studio) 

This event was initiated by Eclectico Studio and organised in collaboration with Atelierul de Grafica

foto Ciprian N. Isac

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13.05.2014 la 17:36

De unde provin toate aceste litere? Nu era interesant și contextul de unde au venit?



14.05.2014 la 14:37

Pai nu mai sunt, ca le-ati luat voi.


echipa GF

16.05.2014 la 18:37

- reply to Blecscsa -

Cele mai multe au ajuns la fierul vechi. Multe au disparut odata cu casele pe care stateau, sau odata cu schimbarea destinatiei acestor cladiri. Ar trebui să ne bucurăm că încă mai pot fi văzute câteva la locul lor sau într-o expoziție. Vor ramâne în curând doar în poze, în cărți sau in povestile oamenilor. Te asteptam maine!


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