03.01.2017 carla duschka
In an ocean of layout and graphics of all sorts, drawing happens to us once again at our studio. Sometimes people come and ask us to do illustration and we are very glad to sit down at the drawing board again. We remember the times when we only did drawing and we realize, once more, how important drawing is in everything we do. 

You can see in the pictures my proposal of illustration, composition and graphic design for a beautiful text, written by a father and his daughter. 
A Sweet Dream is a story in verse, an adventure with a cautionary tinge about the tyranny of sweets. 

Although this work has stretched over too long a time, what came out is, in my view, a coherent product, a funny little book, on which I worked with endearment. And the charm of very small editions, which leave room for a little play and experiment, is quite special! 

I thank the authors for their patience and trust and my friends for their encouragement.

Format 16 × 22,5 cm
Number of pages 40
Text written by Liviu and Anna Voicu
Language English
Illustrations, layout, cover Carla Duschka (Atelierul de grafică)
Print digital
Copies 10, signed

Fotografii © Carla Duschka
carla duschkaattended the graphic arts department at the University of Arts Bucharest and studied book design at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. She works as a graphic designer at Atelierul de grafica Bucharest and is assistant lecturer at theUniversity of Arts. CD is co-founder of the GF project.
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Mirela Muresan

06.12.2016 la 13:14

Se pot comanda?



06.12.2016 la 14:01

- reply to Mirela Muresan -

Mulțumim pentru interes!
Acesta este un fel de tiraj-pilot. Dacă se vor strânge mai mulți doritori, e posibil să puteți comanda. :) Stați pe aproape!


Mirela Muresan

06.12.2016 la 14:04

- reply to Carla -

Multumesc pentru raspuns.


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