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Graphic front
A project dedicated to the beauty of graphic intervention.
Graphic front was launched in 2010 to rediscover Romanian utilitarian graphics created between 1940 and 1989. What stands out is the high quality of the visual materials produced before the advent of computers, as opposed to the graphic output of recent years.

Two directions
GF stands for the GF publishing activity, GF books and the online platform.
The site was launched in 2010 as a natural extension and complement to the images reproduced in the GF books. It has 3 sections:
VISUAL ARCHIVE contains 5 categories: printed matter, signage, logos, illustration and photography. GF’s aim is to build an archive of graphic images and objects primarily from the period 1950-70, though not exclusively, but without the intention of performing a comprehensive study.
MEDIA+ is principally dedicated to GF news. The articles are written by people in Romania and abroad who are specialists in a wide range of cultural areas, and grouped together into different categories.
An average of 1-2 articles are posted every week and announced via the GF newsletter. aims to provide a free space of information, communication and interaction on subjects relating to graphics/design as well as related subjects from before and after 1989.
FILM is the site’s newest section and contains GF/Atelierul de grafică’s own productions.

First and foremost
We militate in favor of knowledge and reclaim of neglected values of past eras, as well as for common sense and professionalism in contemporary forms of visual representation.
We prefer tiny, honest approaches to grandiose, shallow copycat ones.
Atelierul de grafică constitutes the nucleus of the Graphicfront team, which every year attracts new friends, colleagues, specialists, researchers and contributors, both from home and abroad, depending on the current stage of the project.
gf idea & concept Ciprian Isac, Ioana Lupaș layout & texts Atelierul de grafică research Ciprian Isac, Ioana Lupaș, Șerban Bonciocat, Mihai Tudoroiu photographers Ioana Rusu, Simona Sterca, Ciprian Isac, Șerban Bonciocat, George Turliu, Ana Blidaru photo editing Stefania Duschka, Anna Ciepiela, Irina Colan, Ana Maria Pascal, Cristian Garcia, Vili Păcurețu, Arthur Tintu photo contributors Ovidiu Hrin,  Evelyne Krall, Carina Ghițã, Benjamin Hickethier, Samuel Onn, Luciana Constantinescu, Doroteea Momir, Vasile Chițac, Simon Gabor essays Angelo Mitchievici, Grit Friedrich, Caterina Preda, Rudolf Gräf, Viviana Iacob, Ioana Gruenwald, Cătălina Zlotea, Alina Mușătoiu, Călin Torsan, Cosmin Manolache, Ana Iuga, Horia Stoica, Monica Bercovici, Matei Ștefan, Silvia Iancu english version Samuel Onn, Anca Rotar, Diana Zotescu  web editing Alex Călin