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22.02.2013 tudor mureșanu

KITARODIA Cultural Association and Instituto Cervantes, Bucharest organizes on Wednesday, 27th February, the guitar concert Concierto de Sol y Luna by Olivia Iancu & Claudiu Lobont. This event is part of  ¡Viva la guitarra! sessions.

Concierto de Sol y Luna / Program:
Santiago de Murcia / Suite: Preludio, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gavotte, Gigue
Antonio Soler / Sonata nº 24 & Sonata nº 84
Manuel de Falla / 3 piezas españolas: Aragonesa, Montañesa, Andaluza
Joaquín Rodrigo / Minueto [...]






04.07.2012 tudor mureșanu

I love Freaks. I love those guys who are stubborn enough to take their own way of doing exactly what they want in life. They give me the feeling that everything is possible.
For example, Skindred, a British band that will perform on the last day of B'estfest (8th July).I quote from the band official biography: Skindred are totally unique and remain without peer in music today. The quintessentially British band is the only one to have combined elements of punk, rock, metal, reggae and [...]

24.05.2012 tudor mureșanu

Ștefan Dinu  Ambrotype Exhibition
Place Readers Cafe (Bd Iancu de Hunedoara 50-60, Bucharest)
Opening Friday, 25 may, 8.00PM
Date 25 may - 25 june 2012

Artist's website

23.04.2012 tudor mureșanu

Today I've chosen to write about the graphic artist Nicolae Corneliu, and do so armed with the catalogue to his 1988 solo exhibition entitled Integrala Shakespeare (The Complete Works of Shakespeare). The catalogue contains only a part of his work, so, wanting to learn more, I took to the net.
Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It's as if he never existed. At least that's what Google tells me, while reality proves the difference.
My father was friends with this man. I got to meet him once for a few [...]

28.03.2012 tudor mureșanu

This is an event you're not allowed to miss. There are only 5 days left when for you to pay a visit.
The goal of the exhibition made by the Ethnographic Museum of Warsaw is to show the links between the folk tradition and Frederic Chopin's music, as well as artistic work from around the world inspired by Chopin's compositions.
The exhibition displays traditional instruments that used to be played in the Mazovian countryside in Chopin's time. Some of them, like the dulcimer, the [...]


07.02.2012 tudor mureșanu

For the English speaking visitors we thought it wouldn't be necessary to translate anything. It's a pointless text about a Romanian experimental band (Avant'n'gard) at its first official release (Soare Staniol). They sing in a very strange way in a language you don't understand about things that doesn't exist. I like very much what they do. But it is only a personal opinion. You have to listen and decide for yourself. I think that the link to soundcloud can be understood in any language.