10.06.2013 grit friedrich

Foto: Arhiva Sanda Weigl

A figure like Maria Tănase appears only once every hundred years. Born in 1913, in Bucharest, she lived until 1963.

Not just in Romania, but in Berlin, London and New York as well, various musicians remember dearly this artist. Sanda Weigl, the singer born in Bucharest, will perform a concert together with Bălănescu Quartet in Arcub, at the beginning of July, and the violinist Alexandru Bălănescu will go with his program Maria T at the biggest German festival of World music, TTF Rudolfstadt.

As for this concert, you can see images of Maria Tănase – Klaus Obermeier, video artist and Austrian composer, has edited original recordings from the concerts, portraits and images of 30's and 60's Bucharest, creating an emotional multimedia journey back to the past.

Foto: Arhiva Bălănescu Quartet


Balanescu Quartet: Maria T (Mute, 2005)

Sanda Weigl: Gypsy Killer (Oriente, 2001)

Sanda Weigl: Gypsy In A Tree (Oriente, 2012)

Oana Cătălina Chiţu: Divine (Asphalt Tango, 2013)

grit friedrichis a freelance journalist from Leipzig specialised in the music and culture of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. She works for various radio stations, including MDR FIGARO, WDR and DRadio Kultur, as well as the record labels Asphalt Tango and Oriente Musik. She has close ties with Romania – its traditional music, including fiddler’s music, as well as the contemporary multicultural music scene.
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