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20.08.2015 cosmin manolache

Perhaps I am not the person best suited to describe an August 23 celebration, although I took part in one during my early childhood. I think I was 5 or 6 years old. Swept away by a motley crew of [...]







01.05.2015 Recommendations

The Eastern Bloc under Communism
Eastern Bloc countries such as the Soviet Union and most countries of Central and Eastern Europe that were under the rule of Communist governments held official May Day celebrations in every town and city, during which party leaders greeted the crowds. Workers carried banners with political slogans and many companies decorated their company cars. The biggest celebrations of May 1 usually occurred in the capitals of communist countries and [...]


02.01.2014 Recommendations

"We helped Polish design to become a bit more conscious". A Przemek Debowski interview
We founded Karakter in 2008 and our first book was published two days before Lehman Brothers fell and the world plunged into the crisis, so from the beginning it was harder for us than we predicted.

Searching for the forbidden fruit - A talk with Speranța Rădulescu, senior researcher in ethnomusicology (Article by Grit Friedrich)
For more than 20 years, the label Ethnophonie – falling under the Museum [...]

10.05.2013 Recommendations

Today at the Royalty Day, we ofer you parts of Queen Marie of Romania texts and some fotos from our GF archive

The first ceremony we attended was thetsar’s solemn entry into Moscow. The youngroyal couple had retreated for a few days toa monastery beyond the city walls in orderto prepare in all humility before the ritualof coronationFirst we see the tsar riding a large stallion,far in advance of the others. He’s notdressed in exceptional attire, only thesimple dark green uniform people [...]

09.04.2013 Recommendations

What, then, is Kastello. Palaces of the Roma in Ro­mania?
Clearly, it’s a book. An album which tries to capture the essential nature of the architecture practiced by the well-healed Roma of Romania. The difficulty of classifying this architecture within existing, pre-established cannons can be seen from the title, which resorts to an act of linguistic invention in order to officialise the genre. Clearly, Kastello is a deviation of „castel” (castle), which is insufficiently [...]


05.04.2012 Recommendations

The Polish Institute's recent exhibition really whetted my appetite for musical instruments. Today we've got a new post for you from our photographic archive: the Museum of Musical Instruments in Berlin. Although I took the photographs a few years back, only now are they seeing the light of day. Even if you don't play one yourself, musical instruments are still an amazing sight. I'd happily fill my house with them. I find them truly fascinating, especially those from the time when [...]