23.10.2010 alina musatoiu

There are movies which you 'bookmark' so that you can comeback whenever you feel like it. Watch them ten times, know them by heart because they enrich you and make you feel better. It is not the case for the new released documentary "Tears of Gaza". And not because it is not an extraordinary movie, but because you can feel it invading you organically, without your permission. You feel it in the rushed heart beats you get from watching the israeli violences, in the tears that you try to hide  when seeing children shot or pulled from debris, in the tremble that the rockets exploding on the Gaza strip cause.

Tears of Gaza” is probably the roughess and most graphic documentary on the situation of the Gaza strip, seen through the eyes of three children that have lost their parents during the bombardments. For 90 minutes, through confessions and recent almost non-edited images (filmed between 2008 and 2009), you will see what no tv has shown: rockets that destroy a home in a second, streets suffocated by the smoke of phosphorus bombs, designed to mutilate your body in a couple of seconds, people running terrified over children and animal bodies, looking for shelter, infants shot on purpose from close range. On top of all of this, in the short quiet moments between the bombardments, the blurry veil of daily life dominated by poverty sips in, no drinking water, electricity, food, clothes or medicine. However, the most painful absence is that of the loved ones: husbands, children, parents, brothers. No one escapes it. No living creature will remain up standing. It's a simple calculation, that lasts for too many years already and that doesn't even take into account the young people who grow inhaling othe smell of death. In time, this becomes normal for them: "Even if they gave us the world, we wouldn't forgive them!", says one of the interviewed children.

Although born from blood and violence, "Tears of Gaza" was a long-expected child, for who's coming, his "mother" (Norvegian director Løkkeberg) worked hard. Not allowed directly to the Gaza Strip, Løkkeberg paid a few palestinien journalists to get into the conflict and film as much as possible. She taught them special documentary filming techniques, she adviced them through telephone while they were on one side of the wall and she on the other, she insisted they didn't stop filming when interviewed children started crying at the memory of their experiences. Also, the director got some filming from some of Gaza's inhabitants (she won't say any names, of course), which she included in the documentary with the images filmed by the journalists and archive images.

Sometimes, the action of the movie is unraveled. Scenes brake without meaning, the pace is slowed down without an explanation. It seems to follow the range of a drunken man. It's actually the meaningless journey of any war. Of any action that brings death to women and children and to those that have nothing to do with the destroying lunacy of weapon and intolerance, but only have to live with their consequences. For this exact reason, although it is extremely emotionally  disturbing, "Tears of Gaza", is a must see movie.

alina musatoiugraduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences (University of Bucharest). She has worked as a translator, copywriter and editor for various television stations (Money Channel, ProCinema), magazines (Zile şi Nopţi) and websites (HotNews.ro)
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Just Tily

14.10.2010 la 12:22

cruzimeaaa.. imi incumba starea citind, putin spus, cat si abilitatea Alinei, intentionata, s-o redea!, iar mult mai mult, de fapt, continua cu realitatea ... e real!!!



15.06.2011 la 12:57

Am descoperit cu bucurie, daca pot sa zic asa, ca filmul e inclus in TIFF-ul de anul asta si va rula si la Bucuresti, pe 19 iunie, la sala Elvira Popescu, de la ora 18. http://www.tiff.ro/program-oficial-bucuresti



15.06.2011 la 13:07

- reply to Alina -

Alina, ce filme mai vedem? Ce stii de cum a fost la Tiff? Ne mai povestesti ceva? Multumim



15.06.2011 la 13:13

Multam si eu, revin cu o recomandare scurticica in zilele urmatoare, pentru ca sunt cateva filme care n-ar trebui ratate :)


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