27.05.2015 mădălina mirea
On Thursday, May 28, documentary fans are invited to the premiere of the film “Pădurea”/ “The Forest”, directed by Sinisa Dragin, which will take place at Cinema Studio, at 8 p.m. The admission is free. A winner of Visions du Réel, The Sarajevo International Film Festival and the UCIN (Romanian Film Makers’ Union) Award for Television Film, the documentary is based on an important, but rarely told story. 

The Serbian-Romanian co-production "Pădurea"/“The Forest” documents an historical fact: in 1947, the Yugoslavian President Josip Broz Tito made his first visit to Romania. The Communist government presented him with a gift, a painting signed by Romanian artist Ion Andreescu, entitled “Crângul desfrunzit”/ “The Leafless Forest”.

“The idea for the film came from a newspaper article written by Radu Bogdan in 2005, “Tito’s Forest.” I thought this article could provide a good starting point for a cinematic meditation on history, its influence on the present and the power of chance, especially considering one of the most important theories of our time: the butterfly effect. I tried to approach the historical occurrence in a natural way, meaning I tried to transmute its complexity into the complexity of the film itself. There is an interplay of many connections between elements, layers and narrative threads, and everything remains unsolved until the very end of the film,” says director Sinisa Dragin.

English version Anca Rotar

mădălina mireais an art historian at the National Heritage Institute, expert in artistic goods, co-founder and Chairman Radu Bogdan Foundation.  In her spare time she is a curator and editor of articles and heritage art criticism for several magazines. She was a disciple of Radu Bogdan, one of the greatest art historians of Romania, to whom we owe monograph painter Ioan Andreescu.
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