13.03.2015 atelierul de grafică
Festival One World Romania starts on Monday, March 16th. The opening event will take place at Cinema Pro, starting with 8 p.m. Entrance is free of charge, but limited to the available seats. Traditionally, we have prepared a short presentation of what the One World Romania week-long adventure will look like on the Bucharest „kino-maidan”.
The first film we are screening is Our Terrible Country” one of the first documentaries on the catastrophic effects ISIS has on Syria. Director Ziad Homsi will be with us at the event. Homsi accompanied Yassin Haj Saleh, a well-known Syrian dissident, through the country devastated by the civil war. But our evening will start with a short moment taken out of the performance by „The Institute of Change. The Insitute of Change state in their manifesto that they „embrace life as an opportunity to be on stage, always moving, always creating and recreating. The group’s interests are: physical activism, gender equality, castration of the authoritarian system by recreating a real civil society and the freedom of the art.”.

In conclusion, on Monday evening, One World Romania and the Institute of Change propose a transformation. A transformation fit for showing it on our kino-maidan, for a whole week in Cinema Studio, Cinema Elvire Popesco, The National Peasant’s Museum, Journey Pub&more and Frontline Club Bucharest.

ONLINE www.oneworld.ro | www.facebook.com/one.world.romania

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