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There are many things in this world that turn out better if you do them the other way around. I am not talking about putting your socks on, because that would alter the weather, but, for instance, the act of reading the newspaper takes on a whole new charm if you start it from the very last page, where you can find the quintessence of the day’s news. Regardless of the source, the words uttered upon one’s departure from this world take on hidden meanings. A Frenchman even compiled a book of the last words of many of his fellow French authors. My own grandmother, old and left without her teeth, uttered, Onion. She was brought a small slice of red onion, the type known locally as a “water onion”. So it wouldn’t sting. She chewed on it ceremoniously, like on the Eucharist, then she was gone. Goethe asked for light, more light – Licht, mehr Licht. Einstein, too, uttered his farewell in German, but the nurse who had him in her care at the Princeton hospital didn’t understand a word – she only spoke English, the language in which Lord Byron waved goodbye to this world, saying, Now, I shall go to sleep. Good night.

Like Einstein, author Aurel Dragoș Munteanu passed away in America. The spring of 2005 went away with him. On that strange threshold between seasons, he repeated thrice the words: Greatness... Grandeur... Starting from these words, uttered on his last breath, the story of his life could be told differently. One of the notes he left behind reveals the saga of his family: The fate of exiles. My brother, Dragoș, dead in Buzău. His tomb destroyed during the war.  My father, dead in Recaș. His tomb lost to the hostile times. My uncle, Vasile, dead in Târgoviște. My mother, in Washington.
The file reproduced in the White Book of the Security (1996) recalls his expulsion from the One Party, based on the assumption of particularly malicious activities on the part of the subject, given up to overtly hostile actions against the regime.

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călin torsanSour and cold like Romanian ground beef and potato salad. Queasy like mayonnaise. Good on the holidays and bad during the rest of the year. Has olives instead of eyes and bell pepper slices instead of lips.
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