11.10.2015 călin torsan
I could smash it to pieces with a pickaxe in no more than half an hour, so what’s so great and noble about this trapeze? On top of that, there is the object’s location right where no one can notice it. To be fair, the dogs from the nearby buildings piss on it from time to time, but that doesn’t count – they’re pedigree dogs, accompanied by the neighbours. As it turns out, someone found it appropriate for their poster.
The emblem of Bucharest is an attempt to bestow some importance upon the object, even though the character at its centre is, at the same, a source of holy oil and confusion – dressed as a Roman legionary, bearing a sword and a cross, the man is supposed to be St. Demetrios the Great Martyr of Thessaloniki, although the patron of Bucharest is the Holy Pious Demetrios the New, whose holy relics are located inside the Mitropoly, and who lived one millennium away from the Romans and their armies. The text attempts to justify this mix-up by stringing out several figures of speech with no sense of measure or standards, mentioning the charter of Vlad the Impaler, even though the golden eagle’s crown is reminiscent of Mircea the Elder, under whose reign Bucharest became the temporary capital of Wallachia.
Not to mention the monument is barely noticeable from the side. The only thing that announces its presence is the metallic fence, surrounding this trifle with “purdy” details shaped like bow-ties. If he were alive today, Vlad the Impaler would send an executioner after mayor Poteraș (whose name, in Romanian, means “member of a posse”). Correction: he would send a posse, and an executioner.

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Anca Rotar

călin torsanSour and cold like Romanian ground beef and potato salad. Queasy like mayonnaise. Good on the holidays and bad during the rest of the year. Has olives instead of eyes and bell pepper slices instead of lips.
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