11.08.2015 călin torsan
Not even two years have passed since this move – one of the main Aunt Sallies of the old and new cultural authorities, the statue of composer George Enescu, was moved at the intersection of the street that bears his name and Gheorghe Magheru Avenue. We already had his effigy in front of the Opera House, but the Maestro deserved more than one marble step trying to pass for a pedestal. A donation from the artist’s family, the new monument was erected on top of two steps. At the third level, so to speak. If Jalea (the artist’s name meaning “grief” in Romanian) didn’t manage to overcome him completely, Baraschi did manage to cram the King into his little bronze chair. But the King was even more crammed up at the inauguration, listening to the pompous statements of the mayor who checkmated him. The apothecary city father said that, Constantin Baraschi succeeded in looking beyond the matter at his own feet. His characters... are drawing breath! He brought stone to life with an ease worthy of the great sculptors of the Renaissance. George Enescu, himself a contemporary of Baraschi’s, sitting in his room in Bucharest, Vienna or Paris, listened to the whispers of his motherland and laid over the solfeggio the laughter of children, the song of the lark, the alphorn of the shepherds and the rustling of the oaks, bringing them together into a Rhapsody under whose spell we will always remain. The two great artists speak to us today, not in words, but through the work that has survived them and will endure from generation to generation, until the end of time.
The so-called wooden language. Enescu – checkmated (and matte), glancing wildly from his ivory tower towards the empty Fanta bottle of a young woman as beautiful as a queen. Guests at the event included politicians, ambassadors, artists, as well as cultural authorities – that is, the pawns.

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călin torsanSour and cold like Romanian ground beef and potato salad. Queasy like mayonnaise. Good on the holidays and bad during the rest of the year. Has olives instead of eyes and bell pepper slices instead of lips.
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