11.11.2015 photography
Trees photographed in the darkness of night, yet showing light, hidden, yet at sight, documented, yet misunderstood. The Tatars’ Pear, Tudor’s Fir, the Bell Oak, the Emperor’s Beech. From Ciohorani, from Samurcășești, from Dioști, from Muncelu. These are a few of the ancient trees photographed by Florin Ghenade. He had been beating out the paths and woods in search of them, together with Cristian Stănoiu. He documented them thoroughly, he spent time with them, he waited for the night to come to catch them by themselves and he redrew the map of Romania with leaves of oak, chestnut, pear, poplar and lime.
All this biological patrimony engendered afterward a project which Galeria Posibilă and curator Sandra Demetrescu propose this fall in Timișoara and Bucharest.
Apparently designed as an artistic undertaking materialized in two exhibition events, the project is nevertheless more than that. It is a laboratory of interdisciplinary research, an opportunity to look at these exemplary trees with the biologist’s eye, as well as with that of an anthropologist, as the exhibition in Bucharest will be accompanied by a conference held by Tibor Hartel and Ioana Popescu. Ancient trees irreplaceable and All these exemplary trees will be the ways on which the three specialists will reveal the importance of these living documents to the audience.
Ancient Trees is an instrument for drawing attention to an insufficiently represented subject-matter and to bring to the public awareness the value of these trees, as well as the difficulties present in the general way of relating to them, says curator Sandra Demetrescu. They are already part of collective memory through legends, incidents and historical characters to which their names are connected. They are the living proof of that. Another kind of proof.
“The reconciliation of opposites” (Coincidentia oppositorum), the sign under which the author placed this project, is appropriate for the second subject-matter of the project as well: photography. The latter is, in its turn, contradictory. What can be seen, as well as what cannot be seen, as it is implicit, make the photography speak, convey information, in the same manner in which light and shadow make photography exist. Florin Ghenade.
In the two spaces chosen to best highlight the trees, there will be large-size photographs on display, a video and a copy of an upcoming photography album which will include over 30 secular trees as well as fragments from conference.

With the support of AFCN (Administrația Fondului Cultural Național)
Partners WWF, Remarkable Trees of Romania, ProPatrimonio, Asociația 37, Zeppelin Magazine, Igloo Magazine, Revista Arta, National Geographic, GraphicFront, Think Outside The Box, The Institute

Details about the program of events and conferences can be found at: www.facebook.com/Galeria-Posibilă

Curator Sandra Demetrescu, Video Cristian Stănoiu

Bucharest, Kube Musette, 6rd-15th of November, Opening on 6rd of November, 19.00
The Art Museum, 9th-25th of October, Opening on 9th of October, 19.00

Galeria Posibilă, founded by Matei Câlția in 2003, is one of the first private art initiatives in Romania. The gallery’s activity has from the beginning focused on painting and photography, aware of art’s significance and of its capacity to change mentalities. The exhibitions and the related events have been complemented by publications, designed as objects per se for the artists they represent. 

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