23.02.2016 carla duschka
YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR HOME! This could have been the title of the book ADVERTS WITHOUT CAPITALISM – Romanian Advertising Graphics 1950-1989. We would like to invite you to its belated launch event on February 24th, 19:00, at Studio Eclectico. The event is belated because, while the book has been available in bookshops since December, we’ve only manage to organize it now. But all’s well that ends well. On February 24th, we will try to find out why ADVERTS WITHOUT CAPITALISM is a book that you need to have in your home.

The event organized by Frontline Club Bucharest will feature speeches by graphic designer and book editor Ciprian Isac, documentarian Mihai Tudoroiu and art directors Raluca Feher and Șerban Alexandrescu. 

Adverts without Capitalism
is the fourth book published by Atelierul de grafica on the theme of Romanian graphic design before 1989. The book was published with the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN) and MediaPost Hit Mail. 

After the four speakers have had their say, we will move to Eclectico Bistro to continue our debate on the best title for the book. For instance, would NO MEAL WITHOUT FISH have been a better title?

We’re inviting you to weigh in on Wednesday, February 24th, 19:00, at Studio Eclectico. The location is at 18, General Constantin Budișteanu Street.
Corona Beer will join the debate!

Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/219218875091298/

The book is based on a research made by Atelierul de grafică beginning with 2012. It contains more than 400 images from several Romanian almanacs, magazines, newspapers of the time – a selection from an amount of more than 3000 pictures.
Book Team
Image research/ Atelierul de grafică, Mihai Tudoroiu
Photos/ Ciprian Isac, Mihai Tudoroiu
Essays/ Raluca Feher, Șerban Alexandrescu, Atelierul de grafică
Image editing/ Ciprian Isac
English version/ Samuel W. Onn
Graphic and editorial concept/ Ciprian Isac, Carla Duschka
Size/ 16,5 x 23,5 cm
Pages/ 176
Paper/ Multi Design Natural 130g/mp
Fonts/ Decima Pro by TipografiaRamis
Printing/ offset full-color + 1 special color
Cover/ hardcover, deboss
The Administration of the National Cultural Fund
With the support of Media Post Hit Mail
Media partners
Igloo magazine, Zeppelin Magazine, Radio RFI Romania, Fundația Cărturești, Headsome Communication, Headvertising, IQAds, The Institute, Possible Books, Vitamin Arhitects, UNArte, Synopsys, Jumătatea plină, Ordinul Manufacturierilor

carla duschkaattended the graphic arts department at the University of Arts Bucharest and studied book design at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. She works as a graphic designer at Atelierul de grafica Bucharest and is assistant lecturer at theUniversity of Arts. CD is co-founder of the GF project.
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