15.12.2014 Recommendations
On the 6th of October 1864, by decree of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the Conservatorium of Music and Declamation was brought into being.The founding of a Romanian institution joined other initiatives of the same kind in 19th-century Europe, when Conservatoria sprang up in a range of places – Vienna in 1817, Leipzig in 1843, Saint Petersburg in 1864 and Moscow in 1866.

And so begins the "First Steps" chapter from the anniversary album of the National University of Music, Bucharest. One can easily notice that in Romania a lot of universities have reached the respectable age of 150 in 2014: UNMB, The National University of the Arts and the University of Bucharest. Also, other public institutions have been celebrating: CEC (The House of Deposits and Consignments), The Romanian Post (in 2012). It would be interesting to study what the 5th and 6th decade of the 19th century meant for the Romanian culture and economy. And also what 100 or even 400 years more symbolise in the workings of an institution and, further more, of a country, as was the case of other countries from Europe, Germany for example.
I will not say much on the collaboration with UNMB and Quartz Media Production, since Mr. Dediu did and with much generosity. It was a challenge to us and we are glad to have made it successfully. What is to be mentioned is that this experience leaves you joyful not only because of the products you have designed, but also because of the people you have met and worked with. These is of course what most matters. On the one side meeting people that you would have otherwise not met. And on the other, having had the occasion to collaborate with people you have successfully done so in the past.

This is what mr. Dan Dediu, PhDHC and Rector of the National University of Music, Bucharest had to say:" We did not know what we wanted from the beginning. But slowly, the strong lines got clear and crystalized into the final chapters. We had to leave out a lot. But, as Adorno says, what is taken out of a text will surely be felt in the final text. Everything you throw away remains in sight, creates depth, just as in music composition or literature. And so we condensed the text of this anniversary album to a minimum. We focused on the concept of making a history of the management of the National University of Music of Bucharest in parallel to other types of presentations: a brief historical one, and an extended photographical one. The synthesized presentation was made with great research and ability for the essential by Antigona Rădulescu, while the analitical-visual one was the task of Atelierul de Grafică, using archive images of the UNMB.Working on the album was a pleasure and a challenge. The rigours of an album are different to those of a book. I can say to have worked with Ciprian Isac and his collaborators in a remarkably easy and friendly way. Even if we each started with a different idea of the layout, we ended up aligning views, treasuring each other and even becoming friends. The work was tiring, involved dedication, change, doubt, regrets, choices and opinions but we always felt alive alongside a professional, conscious and responsible team. I am happy to have met the professionals from Atelierul de Grafică. They are individuals that have created a piece of jewlery of an album on music, passionately and virtuously turning it into a harmonious fantastic visual symphony. Delightful!"

English version Alice Stoicescu

The team of this project, which we thank once again for their trust:
Dan Dediu, Text Antigona Rădulescu
Event planning  Oana Drăgulinescu, Ilinca Ciobanu, Radu Drăgulinescu
English translation John McCaughey,
Editors Corneliu Rădulescu, Vlad Văidean, John McCaughey

Graphic concept Alice Stoicescu, Ciprian Isac, Adrian Medeleanu (Atelierul de grafică)
DTP and image editing
Atelierul de grafică
  Corneliu Rădulescu, Antigona Rădulescu

Printing Imprimeria Arta Grafică

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