30.05.2013 releases
You can track down Călin Torsan's book journey, edited by Casa de Pariuri Literare, on May 31 2013, at 6 p.m., in Club A, where a launch party awaits you. Available in three formats: take it as an e-book, or download it from the iTunes Library, or, more tangible, find it printed on paper.
Cristina Ștefan, Plasterca's Editor, explains in a few words the imaginary itinerary of the book.
g old. This could easily summarize Călin Torsan’s latest book, which depicts a journey to Plasterca, the imaginary country of a little girl. But Plasterca is neither a children’s tale nor a Sci-Fi book – on the contrary, the text reveals us a most raw reality, all through a middle-aged man’s thoughts.
The novel is written from an ordinary man’s perspective, describing life’s lack of meaning and the imminence of death. The passage of time and the sense of growing old follow the main character throughout the text. In lack of a real journey to offer him a getaway from an overcrowded Bucharest, the adult takes refuge in his daughter’s world, making notes of new words and habits from the imaginary land, observing how the two universes (his and the little girl’s) communicate. A dream unites the two worlds for a few brief moments, but the man and his daughter aren’t allowed much more: they are stuck at the airport, at the doors between real and fantastic. A storm ends the novel symbolically, leaving behind a sense of calm and, perhaps, the hope of rebirth."


photo Andrea Nastac
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