28.10.2011 releases
The Graphic Studio is proud to announce that the second GF book has just been sent to the printing house. With a bit of luck, it will be here in mid-November. We are saying that this is all a matter of luck because, near the end of the year and in this day and age, everything is unpredictable as far as printing and paper suppliers are concerned.
Anyway, things will get better. The book contains over 700 images, making up a diverse, spectacular and "well-flavoured" content. Along the three major type-related chapters - HAND-DRAWN, EMBOSSED, VOLUMETRIC, we also offer four essays directed at those who want to know more about the graphics of by-gone ages as well as about our project.
To cut a long story short, be sure to keep an eye on our website. We will keep on posting news about the book launch, the contents, our partners etc.

releaseswrites articles that cannot be attributed to a single person from our studio. This means they are either the work of more than one person or they represent a common point of view.
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07.11.2011 la 11:39

Numai ce am terminat de rasfoit primul volum si abia astept sa gasesc in librarie si volumul 2! O idee foarte buna, un must have pt orice designer roman.



10.11.2011 la 18:44

- reply to Mircea -

Pai stai aproape de noi, nu mai e mult si ii dam drumul in lume. Cel mai probabil lansarea va fi in data de 25 noiembrie, jos in cafeneaua Carturesti. Te asteptam la lansare. Oricum o sa primesti newsletter cu anuntul oficial.


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