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Great news for those of you who love Romanian illustration: Vellant Publishing is adding a new title to its collection The Enchanted Bird - a project dedicated to promoting Romanian tales and young Romanian artists. "Dănilă Prepeleac", by Ion Creangă, is the sixth story included in the collection and it was illustrated by Vali Petridean.

The book will be launched at 18:30 on Thursday, the 9th of April, at Cărturești Verona Bookstore. Simona Radu Răuță, who coordinates the collection at Vellant, will talk to Vali Petridean, Gianina Corondan and Dan Tudoroiu about the new title and what it means to the Romanian book market. If you cannot attend the event, you have until the 16th of April to visit an exhibition showing the artwork created by Vali Petridean for the book. The exhibition is open 10:00am to 10:00pm in Cărturești Verona Tea House.

Known to the public for the dreamy illustrations created for Iv the Naïve’s poetry books, Vali Petridean has worked in advertising in the last 15 years and was published twice in Lürzer Magazine. He studied sculpture at the university but he never stopped drawing. This is how he started working in advertising, first as an art director then as a group creative and currently as a freelancer.

"Dănilă Prepeleac" is an 1876 fantasy short story and fairy tale by Romanian author Ion Creangă, with a theme echoing influences from local folklore. Noted among samples of 19th century Romanian humor, "Dănilă Prepeleac" earned critical attention for its creative language, the defining traits of its main characters, and echoes of larger themes found throughout European folklore.

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