31.05.2013 carla duschka
Drei Länder eine Sprache Deutschland Österreich Schweiz | Three countries same language Germany Austria Switzerland was my main target. The book stall isn't very big, it's simple, neat - but the books exposed there captivate the eyes. There are all kinds of well-made books, beautiful and some of them very spectacular in their display, all waiting to be touched, flicked through, read, turned over and re-turned.

Publishers like gestalten are very well represented, Steidl also has some excellent photo albums on display; then there are some top-notch graphic novels and some of the best German books in recent years; and, of course, a lot of charming books for children.
In other words, here's another lesson of professionalism.

Within a stone's throw, the book stall Idioma, showing Romanian goods in all "their best". We are not making a comparison, but we're glad that things are starting to move. And we're not even doing so bad...

carla duschkaattended the graphic arts department at the University of Arts Bucharest and studied book design at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. She works as a graphic designer at Atelierul de grafica Bucharest and is assistant lecturer at theUniversity of Arts. CD is co-founder of the GF project.
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