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ABC 80 is a project whose result will be an alternative primer inspired by the 80’s. In fact, it is a primer of the 80’s.
Why the 80’s? It is because these are our childhood years. The years of "the generation wearing the key around their neck”. The years when our parents were young and our grandparents still energetic and lively. Today, many of us are parents in our turn and our children are curious to know what we were doing when we were their age, how we used to spend our free time, what we were studying, wearing, eating, singing, what cartoons we were watching, where we travelled. Actually, truth be told, we have many good memories and this doesn’t mean we are nostalgic. Both the good parts and the bad parts of the 80’s are a part of our lives, of what we are now.
This is Cătălina Nistor’s starting idea. She is the artist who made the graphic presentation of this ABC. She was inspired first and foremost by the landmark objects of the time, the ones we still have in our homes hidden in the attic or in the cellar. The primer does not contain only objects, but also ideas, habits and ideals.
Each letter reminds of something representative from that time, for instance the kindergarten and primary school uniforms, Dacia, our beloved car, which could be repaired any time and anywhere, the holidays at the seaside, the Kashtan players, which were considered some sort of treasure, the main attraction of all the parties at the time; the radio, a „gate” towards other worlds, which we vaguely understood then, the cuckoo clocks, which made an appearance in almost every hallway, the weighing machine from the grocery shop, which most of the times did not really have what to weigh, the games we would play in our family or with our friends, the petroleum lamp which could be found in every household, the siphon bottle, or the chalk-drawn games we would play in the building’s courtyard, the tricycle and the much envied Pegas (a bicycle brand).
This book is a reflection of that time, of the way we envisaged the generation of the 80’s, those years and the past régime. We are trying to approach that time with a lot of humor – which is reflected both in the texts written by Evelin Márton, as well as in Cătălina Nistor’s drawings.
This primer was conceived so as to be perused by parents and children together. Thus they can learn, remember and decypher the sounds of the Romanian language, through image and text and personal memories related to those. The book ends with acumen games and children’s games inspired from famous magazines and a glossary of the words.
Donations can be made for the ABC 80 project on the website crestemidei.ro, which is a crowdfunding platform – which promote inspired and fun projects which are achieved through the financial aid of those interested in the project, who will be rewarded in their turn for their involvement.

„I chose crowdfunding because I believe that people need this sort of involvement in accomplishing a cultural project, one in which everyone can participate.” Cătălina Nistor

The ABC 80 project as well as details on the plaform crestemidei.ro will be presented at the Gallery Şoimii Patriei in Cluj (str. Universității 2) on October 9th at 7 PM. We chose this gallery as a space destined for the young artists and for their projects. The Gallery was opened in 2010 by artists Tünde Márkos şi Lőrincz Gyula, who were joined by Madalina Surducan, as a curator.
ABC 80 will also be presented from November 2nd 2015 at the Design Week in Sfântu Gheorghe, at the Contemporary Art Exhibition Space, MAGMA.

The MAGMA Contemporary Art Space started on the April of 2010, with a three years preparatory work in Romania in Saint George city with the founders and runners of the space – Ágnes-Evelin Kispál (Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department), Attila Kispál (Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department) and Barnabás Vetró Bodoni till 2013 (Academy of Fine Arts, Cluj and Timisoara). MAGMA is an independent artist run space, the events realised are going on his defined concept, namely  to present contemporary art, focusing on media art, workshops, experimental or improvizative music, artist talks, art pedagogy, guided tours, performances; cooperating not only with those who come from the art field but also with musicians, philosophers, theater, etc.

Text  Evelin Màrton

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