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RO‑KIT is inspired by a similar project, "idarg", discovered by Alexe Popescu in Buenos Aires, in 2009. Both try to present a country’s specifics using minimal expression means. Moreover, RO‑KIT is the result of the encounter of two people who felt equally challenged by the idea of realizing a “concentrate” of Romania, from a personal perspective. The choice of 50 identity elements is one of the self imposed limitations. Too few to cover the Romanian whole, but a sufficient number to offer a representative image of the country. The graphical challenge was finding expressive but geometrical solutions for each symbol, using a single line thickness. The literary challenge was approaching the subjects in a concise manner. The 50 components of the "kit" could be, for Romanians and foreigners, construction elements in assembling their own image of Romania.

A text and image romanian “concentrate”:
The Modernist Architecture / The Neolithic Art / The Athenaeum / The closed balcony / The carpet batting crossbar / Stray dogs / The People’s House / The Peles Castle / The neck hanging key / The cue / The Coliva / The Infinite Column / The Communism / The Pretzel / The Cozonac / Dacia 1310 / The demijohn / Emil Cioran / The Eugenia / George Enescu / Gopo / The barbeque by the road / The latinity island / Ion Luca Caragiale / Sea, delta and mountain / Marin Preda / The Martisor / The Mici / The Monarchy / The Mucenici / Nadia Comaneci / Nichita Stanescu / Nicolae Ceausescu / The man with the bag / The Opinca / Pegas Kent / The envelope / The Sarmale / The Sfinx / Sighișoara / The Slanina / Staying at the fence / The milk and yogurt bottles / The water wine / The pig sacrifice / The Transfagarasan / Vama Veche and 2 Mai / The toilet in the yard / Vlad Țepeș / Zacusca

Design, illustrations, editing Alexe Popescu, Texts, editing Doru Someșan, Translation Marina Cordun, Corectură / Proof reading Silvia Dumitrache, DTP Florin Teodoru, Typeface Museo, design Jos Buivenga, Paper Fedrigoni Freelife Raster 250g, Offset 120g, Print by ArtPrint, Web facebook/ro-kit

Alexe Popescu was born on 2nd of May 1974 in Bucharest. He studied Mechanical Engineering in French at The Politehnica University of Bucharest, and then Graphic Design at The National University of Art, where he also taught for one year. He continued with various experiences in the creative area: photography, video art, stencils, fanzines, advertising, branding, packaging, product design, and type design. Since 2007 he’s been designing books for Publica publishing house. He is also involved in an independent project dedicated to graphic design education.
 HYPERLINK "http://www.alexe.ro" www.alexe.ro

Doru Somesan was born on 10th of December 1980, in Bistrita. He studied Psychology and Philosophy at Babes‑Bolyai University in Cluj‑Napoca. In 2006 he established in Bucharest where, driven by his passion for reading, he began his career in publishing. He started as a coordinator of the psychology collection at Curtea Veche Publishing, then he coordinated the non‑fiction collections at the same publishing house. He developed an editorial project, Bizzkit Publishing, and between 2011 and 2015 he was part of Publica publishing house team. He is an editor and a translator.

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