04.04.2013 carla duschka
After 1990, it became standard practice in Romania to publish children’s books from abroad, using the same text, the same illustrations. This has not all been bad, but in the end it meant we were only able to offer children here a selection of clichéd western bestsellers.
But things have improved in last couple of years, and we’re happy to see a new and authentic project: the series of Romanian authors and illustrators launched in 2012 by Cartea Copiilor.
To date there have been 3 volumes:

Poezii din copilarie: a collection of drawings by five contemporary illustrators (Livia Coloji, Cristiana Radu, Maria Brudasca, Raluca Ilie and Agnes Keszeg) to accompany the works of five classic Romanian writers (Mihai Eminescu, George Topîrceanu, George Coșbuc, Vasile Alecsandri and Octavian Goga).
Stejarul pitic, cel mai bun tătic! – five stories by Victoria Pătrașcu, already an established author, with illustrations by Livia Coloji, an artist who for some time now has been working internationally as well as in Romania.
Calatorie printre ierburi si lumina – by the debuting author Iulia Iordan with illustrations by Cristiana Radu

It’s fantastic to hear how Romanian illustrators are once again springing to life after a long hiatus. During the 1960s and 70s, Romania had a first class school of graphic arts and illustration, some of the results of which you can see here, in the ever expanding GF Visual Archive.

carla duschkaattended the graphic arts department at the University of Arts Bucharest and studied book design at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. She works as a graphic designer at Atelierul de grafica Bucharest and is assistant lecturer at theUniversity of Arts. CD is co-founder of the GF project.
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anna ciepiela

04.04.2013 la 11:17

foarte frumos! cred ca e foarte important ca, copii din ziua de astazi sa creasca citind povesti clasice, nu numai cele noi, si foarte bine ca cineva le publica, pentru ca banuiesc ca putini parinti au pastrat carti cu care au crescut si ei. pacat ca tirajul e asa de mic!


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