14.05.2017 reporter gf

Ajuns la a saptea ediţie, Maratonul Vinului este primul concurs Mountain Bike cu scop caritabil din Romania. 

În acest an MARVIN a avut loc Sâmbata 13 Mai 2017 în localitatea Urlaţi din judeţul Prahova, printre dealurile, podgoriile şi cramele din zonă. Startul s-a dat la ora 10.00 AM pentru copiii mici și la ora 11.00 AM pentru adulți și copiii mai mari.

Cursa a fost de tip XCO şi a constat în mai multe tururi de aprox. 18 km. Pe lângă cele două trasee competitive de 36km [...]






15.05.2016 reporter gf

Last Saturday we had another edition of Marvin, the Wine Marathon. The sixth. It was overall a very beautiful day, from early in the morning to (almost) late at night. We received a much-needed dose of wellbeing, health and oxygen, and both our muscles and our hearts got warmed up. Every single detail of the event was well thought out to please the over 600 participants. We don’t know what it’s like in the town of Urlați during the rest of the year, but the day of the Wine Marathon [...]


11.09.2014 ciprian isac

Bike parts were highly prized – and priced – before 1989. People went to great lengths to procure them and were loath to part with them once they did, and if they decided to sell, they sold them at a premium. I can remember at least one such die-hard bike owner. Once he got his hands on something he never let go.
So you can imagine how some people have held onto their old bikes all these years. They still use them, clean them, enjoy talking about them and how they managed “to get [...]

19.08.2014 reporter gf

Twenty five years ago, The County Council of Physical Education and Sports was organizing, Deva as the starting point, the last edition of the Cyclist Tour of Hunedoara, part of the National Competition Daciada, in celebration of August 23rd. A road bike competition. No one thought ever since that such a sporting event were to take place again in Hunedoara County. Where mountain biking in Romania has had a strong rise in the last years, road ciclying has been left behind.
A new Tour of the [...]

27.05.2014 reporter gf

Already in its fourth year, Maratonul Vinului is a charity mountain bike race that takes place on Sunday 8th June 2014 in the town of Urlaţi, in Prahova county, among the rolling hills and vineyards that characterise the area. The race starts at 10 am.
The XCO-format race consists of multiple laps of an 18 km course. Besides the two competitive races, of 36km (2 laps) and 54km (3 laps), this year for the first time participants will also have a third choice: a single lap of 18km, without [...]